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Take the hint 😂

Hey guys 😂

I litterally have no serious topics for me to talk to you about today so I though this was quite funny!

Half the time people don’t get what your trying to tell them. you know when you hinting things for them and they just look at you blankly 😂

Well if you’re anything like me or my friends they never understand what I’m trying to get at.

I like to have a joke and a laugh with this by pretending to ask my guy friends out😂

I’ll say something like “will you …..” And later say something random like ” get me a drink” because I’m immature like that 😂

that was really irrelevant point to my post  😂When I have something better to post I will but  with a few assessments coming up – its hard.

Update !!!!

I went out with my friend the other day, I had not seen him for months! I’d missed him so much! He took some photos as we went down to the river. I really regret not taking any😔 he took some really lovely ones 🙂

it was sweet how he used my shoes in one ☺️he held my hand so I didn’t fall in the river bless him 🙈

Consequently I have no photographs to show you today other than this gorgeous and absolutely lovely….donut I ate earlier 😂

Goodnight ❤️


Cakes and trip to the park

Hey guys!

So the other day I went to the park with some friends and took litterally two pictures which was not my intention. I wanted to go round and take some pictures for this blog but they wouldn’t let me go to find some things to take photos of; these where the only two I got. I like how the shoes one turned out even though it took a hundred attempts to get a nice , unblurred photo – which isn’t bed for saying I was being pushed on a swing at the time it was taken!

I came home that night and made cakes aswell. 🙂 chocolate chip and vanilla ones- yummy!

Some baking tips that I know to make these even more amazing would be to add a lot of vanilla essence as I feel you can never taste it 😂 it might just be me.

Also coating your chocolate chips in flour will help them rise and stop them sinking to the bottom of the cupcake like a brick in water. 

( the photos won’t upload at the moment – I’m trying guys 😂) 


Goodnight xx!! 

Valentine’s day💕

Hey guys,

Today is a special day to celebrate the love between girlfriends and boyfriends , husbands and wife’s but since I’m here single as a Pringle that’s left in the bottom of the packet, I went to work😒😂

The tables were set up gorgeous though! I had to take some pictures making sure I didn’t get caught by the boss lol😂

Hope youve all had a lovely day being soppy socks, Or treating yourself 😊

goodnight X


Hi guys!

First post this months! A little update:I’m looking into buying a new camera to help me taking photos 😊 really excited!

Next there’s pancake day!! I love this day so much and if you’re anything like me , the occasion lasts for the next three days instead of just one!

What do you have on your pancakes? Do you give up a food after? – I don’t, but I really think it’s a good idea to and one year I will!

On my pancakes I had strawberries ,raspberries and chocolate sauce – it was amazing!

Christmas dinner!

Hi guys,

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like Sunday dinners and I guess that what Christmas dinner is. A special Sunday dinner. I thought I’d tell you what I have for my x-mas dinner.

so we don’t have any starters or anything because we usually start the day with chocolate from our stockings- It’s Christmas were aloud!- Others may have little starter snacks which I think is a lovely idea.

However we all know the best part is the main course! MY main course consists of turkey or beef, carrots,peas,broccoli , cauliflower, parsnips, pigs in blankets, beans , sprouts, cheese sauce , gravy, cranberry sauce ,roasts and mash! Gosh that’s a lot!!

for pudding we usually have sponge cake , chocolates or ice-cream. The best deserts in the world 🙂 I make the best cakes 😉

I can’t post a picture of my lovely x-mas dinner because I haven’t had it yet but I will as soon as I can 😉

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas dinners :p

goodnight , charlotte x


Hi guys,

I’ve done it again! I haven’t posted for two days…. Well I guess I can tell you why – this time is a good reason.(It’s even Christmassy!)

so on the 16th I had a little blog post that was meant to go out about Christmas lunch but I accidentally forgot to schedule it therefore it didn’t go out to you 😦 but I guess this means I can schedule it for another day 😉

secondly on the 17th I performed in a Christmas Concert at my school! I performed with 6 other people and sung ” snow is falling” I was so nervous! Turns out no one could hear us so I guess it was all pointless any ways ~aha~

Then straight after I went out for my work Christmas meal! I had veg soup and pizza… it was delicious – apart from the mushrooms -ew-. I didn’t get home till 12 and I was tooooo tired to write up then.


I hope this was a good enough post for you guys, but yep here it is !

new post tomorrow

goodnight , Charlotte x

Advent Callenders

Hi guys,

This year there have been some lovely advent calenders available. I just had an average frozen calender because that’s what my mum got me and my brother a Spider-man one. However a beautiful gift was given to my mum a few nights ago and it was an advent calender; Not an average chocolate one but a beautiful Yankee Candle one.

There has been some beautiful scents;

They are little tea light candles and you get them in pairs. Overall you get 24 candles. You can get them from a lot of beauty stores ,online and candle stores. The price varies depending on where you get them from but I’ve found they range £10-£25.

Here is a few pictures of the one my mum has:



The pink one is the best 😉 –

   goodnight , charlotte x



Christmas shortbread

Hi Guys,

I decided it would be lovely to do a home made gift for my friends and family to go along with their card as an extra little present at Christmas. Shortbread biscuits are perfect for this time of year to dip in your tea or nibble on while you watch Christmas films in the evening. Here is the recipe and some pictures I took while making them.

Shortbread Biscuits 


  • 6oz plain flour
  • 2oz caster sugar
  • 4oz butter
  1. cream your butter and sugar together.
  2. Gradually blend the flour into the mixture until it begins to gather.
  3. roll into a ball and then roll out until 1.5 cm thick
  4. choose your cutter and place the biscuits onto a foiled tray
  5. sprinkle with caster sugar and set in the fridge for 20 mins
  6. pre heat your oven to 190 degrees
  7. after the biscuits have chilled place in the oven until lightly golden.
  8. allow them to cool then wrap however you like





For the wrapping I decided to use a cone shaped bag which you can buy on Amazon and then brought some ribbon from the card shop in town. You can get ribbon anywhere. I lay out the different sized biscuits into the bag and tied it with some of the ribbon. Here’s what my end product looks like: ( ignore the Instagram background it’s just an image so you’re unable to share ect – It’s being annoying! Sorry Guys )



goodnight , Charlotte x


12 Days Of Christmas

Hi guys,

I’ve decided it would be really nice to do the count down to Christmas/ 12 Days of Christmas themed blog posts. I’m going to post from today up until Christmas day! All post will be Christmas themed to get us all into the festive spirit! 


Top 10 Christmas Songs

For Your Playlist!

Now honestly I can not put Christmas songs in a top ten list; they are all just so amazing therefore I’m just going to list them and you can add them to your playlist this year if you don’t already have them

  •  All I Want For Christmas Is You-Mariah Carey 
  • Mistletoe- Justin Beiber
  • Winter wonderland - Michael Buble
  • One more sleep - Leona Lewis
  • Jingle bell rock - Bobby Helms
  • Merry Christmas Everyone - Slade
  • Santa Baby- Eartha Kitt
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Michael Buble
  • Last Christmas- Wham!
  • I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday-Wizzard


There are so many others to chose from. Here I’ve listed a few classics and other more recent ones all of which I really enjoy. I hope you get the same joy out of them as I do! What are your favourite x-mas songs?

Thanks for reading 

Goodnight, Charlotte x

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