Hi guys!

isn’t fruit just fabulous? During the wonderful, sunny summer months here in England ( which are VERY rare and already almost over)  fruit is one of the must refreshing foods to eat. There are so many creations to be made and luckily its  all super healthy!

Unfortunately I’m more than certain that fruit will never be our first option because lets face it chocolate has always been my best friend. However there is such a big verity of fruits to try. Did you know that the The total number of plant species in the world is estimated at around 270,000 and only 1,000 to 2,000 species of plants are edible by humans. Needless to say there are many variations of each species for example there are 1,600 different varieties of banana!


 I have mad and thought of some super easy fruit based snacks!

fruit pots!


  1. choose 3-4 of your favourite fruits  
  2.  slice, chop and dice them into as many pieces as you like. 
  3. place them into a pot and squeeze lemon juice over the fruit( this should keep it fresh for a good few hours)
  4. . eat straight away or keep covered in a fridge.for later that day!
  5. if you’re feeling adventurous add some meringue for a sweet crunch. 
  6. you could also add fresh cream! or spray cream if you’re feeling to little less healthy.
I sprinkled a pinch of sugar onto mine

Healthy eating is so important all year round; with these little snacks and the summer sun it just becomes a tad easier! Summer bod’s here we come( aha~ maybe I’m pushing it too much there)

I hope this basic idea give you the motivation to eat just the smallest amount of fruit over the last few weeks of summer and enjoy the hopefully remaining sun!

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