Hi guys :p

Yet again It’s been wayyyy too long since I last posted but I’m Back .There are many more posts to come and I’m excited to get stuck into many ice creams as we head in and out of summer once again.The months are passing so fast;can you believe we’re already in August? Fast approaching my favourite time of year,I’m so excited for the seasons to change. (I’m such a winter baby)

Can you believe we’re already a week plus into the school holidays; Its going way to fast don’t you think? Time flies and I’ve learnt to grab every moment with both hand and let it take me into the future.

A much deserved break is needed after the academic year of 2015/16. Preparing for year 11 has been quite taxing and at times very stressful. However ,Even though were on a break from school work,Perpetration for next year is already in action D: It will be worth it in the end! Despite all my struggles to get school work/revision done I’ve been enjoying the time off. The weather has been simply gorgeous!

With the good weather has come a lot of happiness in my life.Some very special people have made an entrance into my life and made me such a positive person. hopefully they will be there into 2017 and in the many years of our future. No matter how bad the storm the rain wont last forever and I see that now.

I hope that 2016 summer is amazing for you all and I’ll be back writing soon! 🙂