Hi guys! It’s been waaaay too long since I put up a post. I hope you understand the importance of being in the right mind frame to be able write something that someone else can read if not it turns out being crappy and I don’t want that on here. Anyways back now so lets get on with this!


Skin Care Routine ~ Summer


products were reasonably low priced and i brought them all from superdrug!

  1. I start off by using the Garnier pure active 3-in-1 wash , scrub, mask. This is a cucumber-ish scent and is light blue in colour. as stated you can use it many ways , if I have a bath I will use it as a mask but any other time a scrub. it has small grains within the paste. I then rise this off
  2. I then , as I heard charcoal was good for your skin, picked up this detox cleanser from bodycare. It is basically just a black soap which I use to wash my T zone and then rise off.
  3. to then soften my skin I use the simple moisturising face wash. this is just a smooth soap that I massage in to my whole face and wash away again.
  4. finally i use another simple face scrub to remove any impurities on my face and then wash it away. I like to use a spa wipe to ensure all the products are off my face
  5. finally i dab my face dry and apply a simple anti blemish moisturiser to my face and let it dry as I brush my teeth :p

this has really helped calm my skin and make it feel tonnes softer! I hope it works for you , let me know !


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