Hi guys welcome back!

I hope you’ve been enjoying my weekly posts feel free to leave a comment below I’d love to chat to you guys! This post is up so late!! I forgot that I didn’t have a post pre written for this week so here is my bish bash bosh quick  one for you- I hope you don’t mind. Additionally in the future I hope to do a few more makeup post but they are not really my speciality aha. Any ways here we go!

Every day makeup routine:

I start every morning by cleaning my face with either some non fragrance , non everything soap ( I have quite sensitive skin)  or a new born baby wipe ( for the same reason ). I then proceed to apply nivea cream as a base for my makeup as i have yet to find a primer that does not upset my skin.


I then leave this to soak for 5 minuets while I put up my hair into a messy bun so it’s all out the way! After this I put on a few blobs of True Match foundation in the lightest tone ever created ( because I’m basically a ghost! my family call me Caspar – as in the ghost- all the time)  I blend everything with my trusty Real Techniques blending sponge!


I then apply miss sporty concealer which I use my finger to tap the product into place.

Following this I post man pat ( I’m funny) on some collection pressed powder. I use this because its the palest powder foundation I have ever found to date which is perfect for me.


(sorry for the awful pictures I am saving for a good camera)

Moving on from this I place on my all time favourite mascara Lash Sensational to give my lashes a boost!


Finally Along with my greatly loved brow mascara and Kate moss lipstick in the shade 38



I use these products on a Daily basis and the look they produce is great for school work or just at home as it is very soft and natural. To boots the look , maybe for going on a day trip, you could add a different lipsticks ( I recommend Kate moss 08 which is a gorgeous red/ purple / brown tone) or add a gold smoky eye!

Thank you for taking your time and reading!