Confidence is a large part of life. It forms every aspect of every second in your day thus making some people’s lives extremely difficult. Confident issues come in all sizes, both positive and negative.  Despite all this confidence does not control your abilities.

Overcoming confidence issues can be the worst. A recent story that has come around on this topic is one of my most favourite youtubers Gabriella Lindley ~ ~. she Recently posted a video about her operations and how she wasn’t confident with herself. Taking a look at her channel may make you feel tonnes better because I know it makes my day 🙂

I wanted to give you a few tips to make you feel a little more positive and confident in your everyday life. I hope these help! X


  1. Positive mind sets:

If you tell yourself everyday you are worth it. Pick a positive about yourself and say it out loud. Don’t be embarrassed about who is around you because they are probably thinking the same. You ARE and amazing person. You DO have a figure. Yes these are things I say to myself almost every day when I’m just not quite feeling good enough.


  1. Telling friends and family

If you’re having issues you could speak to a friend getting it all off your chest really does help.  They can help you get back on track! Even going for a drink round their house or going on a little walk will make you feel lots better especially if you have great friends who can make you laugh 🙂


  1. Relaxing

Confidence can be lost when you are stressed. I find that I lose my ability to feel positive thus being more negative. Finally ending up sat in my bed eating my heart out… yep not great!

It is important to relax. You could have a bath , listen to some music which makes you feel happy and just remain calm. I also find it relaxing to clean my room during these times because at the end of it you feel happy to have achieved something.


I really hope this post helps, it’s kinda out of my theme but i was feeling a bit of real talk with you guys. I tried to have a little laugh with it all too which is a tip in itself~ smiling more makes everyone happier.

thank you so much for reading ,


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