Hey guys,

Are you a netflix fan like me ? Sit down all day watching film after film ; episodes after episodes? However sometimes it gets to a point where you don’t know what to watch any more. All the good films you wanted to watch have been watched and the episodes of series are all over. well hopefully this will help… here are a few of my most recent watches and favourites on netflix.

My little set up ~ nothing special 🙂


American Horror story :

This is a great show but not for you views. As I have only watched the first series I can not tell you what the rest are like but I know that I got addicted to the first series and watched it within 2 days! I mean who wouldn’t with the gorgeous Evan Peters as one of the main characters (Tate). 

Degrassias next class:

despite only having on season ( with more on the way) this was a great teenage based program to watch. I loved it ! Each episode was just the right length and made it quick and easy to watch the whole first season in a few days.


Love Rosie:

This film is just amazing! When you’re looking for a perfect romance to fantasize this is just it. I could watch this film a million times over.

6 Years:

This films is quite basic and the story line is not complex. Despite this and the low review i really enjoyed this film.

Beauty Shop:

Beauty shop is defiantly a pick me up film.  It’s all about equality which is shown though a range of great characters and scenarios.

I hope this gave you a little idea on what to watch next. comment your recommendations many thanks 🙂