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Last week Me and My friend Kitty went on a little walk to the garden centre near our house. While getting ready the rain was tinkling from the sky and the clouds covered all blue like a blanket ; It was going to be a bad day. Nevertheless we continued to get ready and were determine to go on our little journey. Luckily , after an hour of getting ready, the rain had stopped and the sun started to shine!

When we arrived at the garden centre we were greeted by some beautiful themed settings which were created out of pretend plants and plastic/ pottery animals In which you could buy to create your own animal filled garden at home.As we walked round there were lots of scenes bursting with colour and creativity.





The first thing we did was go to the restaurant and grab a coke. No alcoholic beverages aloud 😦 ! I feel the drinks were reasonably priced and there was not much difference between a large and a small both in price and size so I defiantly recommend getting a large. Bigger is better ;).

After that we visited the gift shop for the first time out our of 3 visits! The products they supplied were so cute and well made but were quite pricey. Still, I brought a few things that I really loved:

Danielle creations small zipped case , material, rose & spotted pattern.~ gorgeous!

I also  brought a few Yankee candles in the scents Soft Blanket and Pink Grapefruit. Additionally  I brought a candle holder with my name on and the mini quote “CREATIVE, DECISIVE AND HAPPY” which I thought was a perfect description of me. 🙂

Finally we went back to the restaurant and had some cake. There were many to choose from but I went for the angel cake mainly because I loved the crazy icing on it. I mean just look at it. It was gorgeous!




All in all it was a fabulous day and I cant wait to do it again!


xox~ Charlotte