Hey guys
So I’ve been waiting for days for lovely weather to take photos and I’ve finally got it! Off I went and many photographs were taken and I was so happy with them! I am honestly really proud of them.

I went out with my friend and then this evening with  my friend abbi. She helped me decide what camera i’d like to buy and it was lovely to have photos with her!

I’m also going to share my face… Now this was the one thing I said I wasn’t going to do on here but now I just think why not? I’m really happy with how the photos came out even the ones with me in it!!

It has been such a productive day today! I have been able to go out taking photographs twice , do my homework ,shower and go to work! I think it is important to have fun filled productive days and get the most out of your day!x
Here are my photographs :


Happiness is everything ~ goodnight