Hey guys!

So the other day I went to the park with some friends and took litterally two pictures which was not my intention. I wanted to go round and take some pictures for this blog but they wouldn’t let me go to find some things to take photos of; these where the only two I got. I like how the shoes one turned out even though it took a hundred attempts to get a nice , unblurred photo – which isn’t bed for saying I was being pushed on a swing at the time it was taken!

I came home that night and made cakes aswell. 🙂 chocolate chip and vanilla ones- yummy!

Some baking tips that I know to make these even more amazing would be to add a lot of vanilla essence as I feel you can never taste it 😂 it might just be me.

Also coating your chocolate chips in flour will help them rise and stop them sinking to the bottom of the cupcake like a brick in water. 

( the photos won’t upload at the moment – I’m trying guys 😂) 


Goodnight xx!!