Hi guys,

I’ve done it again! I haven’t posted for two days…. Well I guess I can tell you why – this time is a good reason.(It’s even Christmassy!)

so on the 16th I had a little blog post that was meant to go out about Christmas lunch but I accidentally forgot to schedule it therefore it didn’t go out to you 😦 but I guess this means I can schedule it for another day 😉

secondly on the 17th I performed in a Christmas Concert at my school! I performed with 6 other people and sung ” snow is falling” I was so nervous! Turns out no one could hear us so I guess it was all pointless any ways ~aha~

Then straight after I went out for my work Christmas meal! I had veg soup and pizza… it was delicious – apart from the mushrooms -ew-. I didn’t get home till 12 and I was tooooo tired to write up then.


I hope this was a good enough post for you guys, but yep here it is !

new post tomorrow

goodnight , Charlotte x