Hi Guys,

So a while back in time , the 21st of November to be exact, I told you how excited I was for kitties birthday!! I can now tell you all about the day, the surprise and her presents! let’s start….

The Surprise…

So as you guys know I work throughout the weekend. I work awkward hours so it would have meant I could not spend the day with kitty and that we would have to go shopping really late in the evening. She was stressing so much that we wouldn’t have any time to do thing. I tried to get the day off work but told her “I couldn’t”. Little did she know I had been aloud the day off and was planning to pick her up from her dads with her mum and go straight shopping at 11:00 am!

Going to pick her up….

I turned up at her dads with her mum and she almost cried!! She was so shocked to see me as she thought I was at work. She gave a huge hug as I gave her the presents.

I got her a cute toy turtle as it is her favourite animal. we recently named her Tots after me ;). I also got her some oreos and bath bombs. Additionally I ordered her a personalised card which had lots of photos of us on it; On the back it had the very first photo of us together. Kitty loved them all!

Magic cake….

I had also made her a cake completely made from oreos as she can’t eat normal cake due to allergies. On it I had hand piped “HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITTY” with hearts. I was quite impressed! She loved that also! That very evening we sat down with a nice drink and a slice to nibble on.


We went shopping at took some lovely photos of the statues there! 3D hearts were everywhere and the Christmas decorations were just beautiful. The meal we had was lovely and overall we both had an amazing day!! I’m so glad I was able to make her happy.

thanks for reading,

goodnight, Charlotte x