Hi guys,

Oh my gosh it’s been 25 days since I last posted! That’s so bad, I came on to finally write again and saw I had a lovely message from a viewer! I never thought someone read my blogs! It’s made me so happy! I just want to send a mammoth apology for not writing. I’ve had my first mocks and general assessments. I also recently started working at weekends which takes a lot of my time along with all the homework/ course work I am given. All that aside it gives me something to write about; I’ve got so much to tell you guys….

Lets start with the negatives to get them out the way…

My uncle is still not out of hospital 😦 He’s been there for 12 weeks now!! evidently the 2-3 week wait on him leaving hospital has become a lot longer. What makes it worse is that he is fine to come home it’s just his carers need more training as his condition has developed and now needs more advanced care. I’m not sure he will be fully home for Christmas which obviously makes me really upset because it’s a time we all spend together and it’s not just Christmas day that we celebrate together. It usually lasts a few days.

However there are positives….

My uncle can come home for a visit Christmas day !! we are still unsure whether that is for the whole day or just for a few hours. Either way it’s all amazing and I’m finally really happy for Christmas!

Additionally I have managed to buy loads of presents for my friends this Christmas and it makes me feel so much better that I have not had to ask my mum for the money. Overall I’ve spent about £150.00. Even though I feel that I didn’t really get what I wanted I’m happy with what I’ve brought.

I’ve got so many ideas for the new year and that includes a scheduled! A schedule for everything which will help me organise my tasks so much better. That also include a much more regular uploading for blog posts. I know I keep saying this and most of my post have been apologising for not blogging for you guys. It really does make me feel bad when I don’t have the time to write for you so I honestly mean it this time I will post for you!


I realise this blog is now soooooo long and yet I still have so much to catch you up on. I will post a full blog about how kitties birthday went and I’m positive there will be so many more Christmas themed posts to come. OH MY GOSH!!! I think I’ve just found my saviour …. the schedule post button…. wooow I’m so stupid…. 

Thank-you for reading ,

goodnight, Charlotte x