Hi guys,

I can’t believe it is only 44 days till Christmas! I’m so excited! the only problem is …. I never know what to buy people for Christmas. Do you have any ideas? You and I both know if we don’t start shopping soon it’s going to be a Christmas catastrophe! It’s only 44 days away! Here I’ve put a list of the ideas I have:

  • personalised gifts
  • christmassy clothing
  • stocking fillers

Personalised Gifts…

Make someone smile with a perfect personalised gifts. I , a few years back now, once brought a personalised gift for my mother.I had no idea what to get her until I found the website http://personalisedgifts.com/ . It was my saviour! With such a warm introduction , I was more than certain I was going to buy something beautiful.

       there are tonnes of gifts, all showing so much thought and meaning, that I could have chosen from such as : jewellery,photo frames and t-shirts.Even more surprising , two or three years down the line, they are all still so reasonably priced.

  • personalised notebooks-£8.0
  • engraved necklaces- £19.99
  • mugs with photos-£8.00

I really recommend you buy something from here because its all just so spectacular. even the shipping prices,which usually cost so much, are extremely low! It’s amazing!

Christmassy Clothing…

Some family members can be right old grinches. (see what I did there?;) I know a great way to cheerer them up….Novelty Christmas clothes! This year I’ve seen some of the cutest Christmas ranges ever.

I saw this Santa Selfie jumper on line and in the primark stores for only £5.00! It would be great for a younger brother aged around 5-9 years.

     Also i found some super cute socks which would be great for your best friend for only £3.50 from top shop.They are just adorable.

stocking fillers….

I always find it fun when you can buy someone an hilarious gift for Christmas. My best find this year has been….


How cool is this though?

Can you imagine the look on their face as they open the dreaded sprouts of horror. can you imagine the farts?! hahaha!

Another good idea would be socks. everyone needs a good pair of socks. This set is only £4.00!

If you’re lazy( like me ) then you could buy a pre-filled stocking for £10.00. They come for all ages so It’s a great gift.

The Hard To By for….

The grandparents are usually the ones I find hardest to buy for so I found some amazing afternoon tea vouchers. They range between £28-£50 depending on where you choose to go and what you order. They are amazing value for money and are guaranteed to be loved.

there are also homely hampers that can be found filled with many themed gifts such as cheese,wine , toys or even tea. Some times they are quite expensive but If you’re like me and want to be creative then you could fill your own for around£15.00!

I hope now you have some ideas for peoples presents and I’ve made christmas a lot easier. I can’t wait!

thanks for reading

charlotte x