Hey guys,

I am the worst blogger ever… just putting it out there. I have not posted in a good while and my friend keeps asking me ” are you posting today” and I always reply with no sorry I will soon but I never ever do. I guess I owe it to her to post again. so here we are … just for you kitty :)! x

me and kitty went out about two weeks ago now and took some lovely photographs near the river and parks in our town. As it was a lovely autumn day the pictures turned out great. it was such a lovely day spent with her just having a laugh and smiling which cheered me up a lot. To be honest I’ve been feeling really shit lately and I think people have noticed….. I’m just always down and mardy. I don’t go out much any more and I spend most of the school day standing there with that guy I told you about in my last post, Henry, and kitty. I will get better I promise I think its just my anxiety kicking me a little too hard but this is how it has always been with me since I started to develop it. It will come in surges in which I would not want to do anything at all….. give it a few weeks and I should be feeling a lot more cheerful. Sorry to everyone I’ve pissed off these last few weeks. I’m just a bitch – deal with it 🙂 haha

anyway I spent the day with kitty and then I went to go meet henry. I had such a lovely time and i hope we go out again sometime , I’m just too nervous at the moment… I think he’s pissed off with me again. He hasn’t really spoken to me tonight 😦 it makes me feel like shit.  I  do enjoy spending my time with him though.

Back to kitty and I… she took some amazing photos too and posted straight away. I’m going to put mine here and let you look, I hope you like them 🙂









 lots of love ,

thank-you , goodnight