hey guys,

Today I thought I’d talk about motivation. I am rubbish at motivating myself especially when doing revision or any task in general which is really bad because I need to start revising for my exams. I really don’t want to but I was watching a video on you tube about motivation and it just gave me a few ideas on how to help myself when doing tasks I don’t enjoy.

when revising I think its a great idea to have music on. I find it so easy to get on with my homework when listening to music. A bad thing is I always go on Facebook, whoops, so I need to get rid of all distractions. Use them as rewards; after so much time revising go check up on Facebook or twitter or whatever you want as a praise for concentrating for a while.

Also incorporate things you love into what you hate. if you like drawing use a picture , if you like music make a song all little things you can do to make you’re revision more creative and interesting. additionally I think keeping things bright with colours will keep you more engaged and interested.

revision is my main focus this year. I hope to keep up this blog too.

this post was only short but it was something that stayed in my mind…. I hope it does yours.

strive to succeeds  x