Hey guys,

So it turns out everyone is poorly. Kitty contacted me in the morning we were meant to go take photos saying she was not very well so we didn’t go. 😦 I didn’t end up getting any of the pictures I wanted for my weekend post which is pretty shit to be honest  but she cant help being ill. Most of my friends have been really ill this weekend. One of them have been throwing up all day~ bless him. I hope they are all better soon, its crap having no one to chill with.

Another thing that has annoyed me is rugby and x factor. I love rugby and I love x factor – why would you put them on at the same time. It’s so annoying having to miss out on Saturdays x factor because rugby is on instead but since I like them both its not too bad. luckily its on tonight so yay :3. I think….

So ive been talking to that guy again. He goes to my school. He told me all about his ambitions in life and as a true man he wants to go into the army. This kinda makes me feel upset because even though I’ve not known him long the thought of him leaving so soon kills me. He will leave in about a year. I cant do anything about it though. They’re his dreams and I can only support him in which I intend to. “promise? Promise xx” were the last words spoken on that topic ❤ I’m going to see if I can see him sometime next week if he’s feeling any better because recently he’s not been feeling great emotionally or health wise. Since he lives a good half an hour away by car, It makes it even more difficult for us too meet. If he just lived in my village it wouldn’t be too bad but he don’t. 😦

My mum told me this afternoon that she’s booked us a treat! WE’RE GOING ON A HALLOWEEN HOLIDAY TO WALES! Wales is one of my all time favourite places. They are doing a Halloween massive party and firework display. Even though I don’t like fireworks much any more it will be a fantastic night for pictures. I’ll post them all here obviously. I don’t know what I’m going to be yet but i cant wait to get a costume or something I can wear. The part I enjoy the most is the make-up. I like making the scars to go on your arms and faces. I cant wait to have a go this year. Additionally its the only time of year I get to dye my hair. I’m thinking about getting a blue or an orange to do a dip dye. fun times 🙂

I can wait to finish tidying up my room. I’ve still got a few bits that need new comes and places to go in my room but if I get on with it, it wouldn’t take me long but since I have all this bloody homework It’s taking me forever to get round to. School sucks sometimes you know.

I managed to get one photo when walking near the river one day this weekend. I was only there for a maximum of 3 minuets so I could only take one but I’m sure it will make the blog look brighter. I think the colours make it feel very autumnal.


thank-you x