Today has been so ugh…. everyone seemed to be constantly fussing round me and every little thing was irritating me. The wind was so strong today that every time I was outside I was crying. Not tears of sadness or even happiness just tears of the wind.I have really sensitive eyes which is why they water a lot but in winter they are even worse. I don’t like having everyone fuss over me. I just stood and listened to music in my headphones.

I didn’t see the lads today which I’m quite glad of to be honest….. I’m getting to the point where I’m thinking they would care if I never messaged them so what the point? I’m just too stressed to deal with them and when they are not bothered what’s the point?…. there is non. Now I know you all think I’m some kinda slut but I’m not…. I don’t go round chatting every guy up that I know – they wouldn’t even give me a chance ~HAHAHA.- They are honestly just my friends. which I’m more than happy with. Shame they don’t really need me any more.-_- Contrastingly I met a new friend, ken, he’s lovely 🙂 Yes I get on well with guys better than girls, they are less drama. – most of the time.

Some of my friends write diaries and I’m thinking about doing so… I guess this blog has been like a mini diary for me the past 2 days but obviously I cant tell you guys everything or else it would be books long~haha So I this that would be a good thing for me to do now I’ve got the hang of it.

At the weekend I’m thinking about going out and taking
a few more pictures but I’m not sure when or where. However to brighten up this blog I recently brought some new bath bombs!! Admittedly when I used one for my bath it wasn’t brilliant 😦 but the colours it produced for a short time was amazing. I’m going to use my camera to take some photos for you – here:100_0849