good morning guys 🙂

Sunday again, the day we all hate because its too close to Monday~ am I right? Last night was pretty amazing, I spent it with my friend ,as you saw on my last post. currently she’s still asleep but it is only 8:44am. She loves sleep sometimes she can sleep till 2pm! unfortunately for her ill be waking her up about 10am- she’s going kill me :D~haha. I have roughly an hour to write and edit this post for you so i guess i was just going to talk a little about her i guess.

Me and my friend tell each other everything, id trust her with my life. Many people who I’ve trusted have always let me down 😦 and it really hurts to know that they could be so horrible but i know she has my back and I  have hers. ( my stomach is grumbling really loud right now D: ~haha) we always talk about guys at our school together. Currently she is dating my cousin and they make a lovely couple so I guess she just likes to help me talk to guys. I have been through one break up that actually hurt me and she was there for me even though we had only been friends a few months. I knew from then she was a keeper 😉 ~ cheezieeeee~

we spent the whole night dancing and singing to music till we collapsed into bed at 2am. I was sooooo tired but it was a great night. ( ahhhhh she’s waking up!!! … nope she just moved a little ~ phahah … wait , she put the fan on – I’m cold as it is now I’m freezing. she just looked at my screen – go away you smell. she’s going to read this later~hehe)

this was actually a useless blog talking about how much I LOOOOOOVVVEEEEE my best friend…. but oh well

thank-you & good..morning this time , that’s weird ~hahah

 bye x