hello 🙂

This evening I went to my friends house for dinner. we had nuggets and potato stars. Since she has many allergies she can not eat a wide variety of foods so we stayed pretty basic which is okay because I don’t enjoy adventurous foods. After eating we spent a lot of time outside taking many photos in her garden. I included both of us in the images but you cant see our faces~ haha. It was such a fun project for us to do. I decided it would be nice to have a mini album on my blog. I figured it would brighten the blog up and give you something to view instead of just reading. It was my first ever attempt to take photos for on here. I’m so excited to post these because I put so much effort in editing them and taking them. I took 75 in an hour !!!! I hope you enjoy looking through them.

 thank-you & goodnight

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