Hello 🙂

I recently I started a blog on a different site but it has somehow all messed up 😦 I mean why does everything go wrong ~ ugh! However I have now decided to do something different on this blog so I can start fresh and have better content.

What’s going to happen…

On my blog will be many new things including lots of images.If you’re anything like me I love photos. I adore how images can capture many special moments and sight which are there to treasure forever. 
I enjoy writing in many forms whether it’s a song, a short story, a passage or a caption for my posts. I like to say what’s on my mind and express my love (or hate ~ aha) on many matters.

About me…

I am aged 15 and study music , health and social and geography at high school. I plan to go onto collage and study childcare and go into work as a SEN (special educational needs) teacher. I have yet to get myself a weekend job to earn me some money but when I do I think i’m going to look into basic work such a child minding or bar tending. I love candles but I have an ongoing fear of fire so I still to this day have never lit a candle. I buy so many just as decorations. I recently have decorated my room grey with a butterfly and flowery wall paper. I will upload a picture when it is complete. I enjoy taking photos that have meaning or capture memories.

I recently started to play the guitar. I’m not brilliant but I’ll get there. I can play simple chord progressions and I can read music. i enjoy singing and I listen to a wide range of songs. I enjoy buying new clothes but I mostly window shop~haha. i additionally I love doing my make-up and searching for new shades of lipstick. and I love baking. I make a lot of cupcakes and enjoy decorating them. I have many creations I can soon show you.


As i am in year 10 my life gets filled up with homework so I don’t have a set time schedule  to post. I guess it will be an as and when process and I will try to post as often as possible. I hope you enjoy my future content

thank-you & goodnight