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Fabulous Fruit Pots

Hi guys!

isn’t fruit just fabulous? During the wonderful, sunny summer months here in England ( which are VERY rare and already almost over)  fruit is one of the must refreshing foods to eat. There are so many creations to be made and luckily its  all super healthy!

Unfortunately I’m more than certain that fruit will never be our first option because lets face it chocolate has always been my best friend. However there is such a big verity of fruits to try. Did you know that the The total number of plant species in the world is estimated at around 270,000 and only 1,000 to 2,000 species of plants are edible by humans. Needless to say there are many variations of each species for example there are 1,600 different varieties of banana!


 I have mad and thought of some super easy fruit based snacks!

fruit pots!


  1. choose 3-4 of your favourite fruits  
  2.  slice, chop and dice them into as many pieces as you like. 
  3. place them into a pot and squeeze lemon juice over the fruit( this should keep it fresh for a good few hours)
  4. . eat straight away or keep covered in a fridge.for later that day!
  5. if you’re feeling adventurous add some meringue for a sweet crunch. 
  6. you could also add fresh cream! or spray cream if you’re feeling to little less healthy.
I sprinkled a pinch of sugar onto mine

Healthy eating is so important all year round; with these little snacks and the summer sun it just becomes a tad easier! Summer bod’s here we come( aha~ maybe I’m pushing it too much there)

I hope this basic idea give you the motivation to eat just the smallest amount of fruit over the last few weeks of summer and enjoy the hopefully remaining sun!

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Guess who’s back!

Hi guys :p

Yet again It’s been wayyyy too long since I last posted but I’m Back .There are many more posts to come and I’m excited to get stuck into many ice creams as we head in and out of summer once again.The months are passing so fast;can you believe we’re already in August? Fast approaching my favourite time of year,I’m so excited for the seasons to change. (I’m such a winter baby)

Can you believe we’re already a week plus into the school holidays; Its going way to fast don’t you think? Time flies and I’ve learnt to grab every moment with both hand and let it take me into the future.

A much deserved break is needed after the academic year of 2015/16. Preparing for year 11 has been quite taxing and at times very stressful. However ,Even though were on a break from school work,Perpetration for next year is already in action D: It will be worth it in the end! Despite all my struggles to get school work/revision done I’ve been enjoying the time off. The weather has been simply gorgeous!

With the good weather has come a lot of happiness in my life.Some very special people have made an entrance into my life and made me such a positive person. hopefully they will be there into 2017 and in the many years of our future. No matter how bad the storm the rain wont last forever and I see that now.

I hope that 2016 summer is amazing for you all and I’ll be back writing soon! 🙂



Skin care routine!

Hi guys! It’s been waaaay too long since I put up a post. I hope you understand the importance of being in the right mind frame to be able write something that someone else can read if not it turns out being crappy and I don’t want that on here. Anyways back now so lets get on with this!


Skin Care Routine ~ Summer


products were reasonably low priced and i brought them all from superdrug!

  1. I start off by using the Garnier pure active 3-in-1 wash , scrub, mask. This is a cucumber-ish scent and is light blue in colour. as stated you can use it many ways , if I have a bath I will use it as a mask but any other time a scrub. it has small grains within the paste. I then rise this off
  2. I then , as I heard charcoal was good for your skin, picked up this detox cleanser from bodycare. It is basically just a black soap which I use to wash my T zone and then rise off.
  3. to then soften my skin I use the simple moisturising face wash. this is just a smooth soap that I massage in to my whole face and wash away again.
  4. finally i use another simple face scrub to remove any impurities on my face and then wash it away. I like to use a spa wipe to ensure all the products are off my face
  5. finally i dab my face dry and apply a simple anti blemish moisturiser to my face and let it dry as I brush my teeth :p

this has really helped calm my skin and make it feel tonnes softer! I hope it works for you , let me know !


snapchat filter :p



Every day Makeup :)

Hi guys welcome back!

I hope you’ve been enjoying my weekly posts feel free to leave a comment below I’d love to chat to you guys! This post is up so late!! I forgot that I didn’t have a post pre written for this week so here is my bish bash bosh quick  one for you- I hope you don’t mind. Additionally in the future I hope to do a few more makeup post but they are not really my speciality aha. Any ways here we go!

Every day makeup routine:

I start every morning by cleaning my face with either some non fragrance , non everything soap ( I have quite sensitive skin)  or a new born baby wipe ( for the same reason ). I then proceed to apply nivea cream as a base for my makeup as i have yet to find a primer that does not upset my skin.


I then leave this to soak for 5 minuets while I put up my hair into a messy bun so it’s all out the way! After this I put on a few blobs of True Match foundation in the lightest tone ever created ( because I’m basically a ghost! my family call me Caspar – as in the ghost- all the time)  I blend everything with my trusty Real Techniques blending sponge!


I then apply miss sporty concealer which I use my finger to tap the product into place.

Following this I post man pat ( I’m funny) on some collection pressed powder. I use this because its the palest powder foundation I have ever found to date which is perfect for me.


(sorry for the awful pictures I am saving for a good camera)

Moving on from this I place on my all time favourite mascara Lash Sensational to give my lashes a boost!


Finally Along with my greatly loved brow mascara and Kate moss lipstick in the shade 38



I use these products on a Daily basis and the look they produce is great for school work or just at home as it is very soft and natural. To boots the look , maybe for going on a day trip, you could add a different lipsticks ( I recommend Kate moss 08 which is a gorgeous red/ purple / brown tone) or add a gold smoky eye!

Thank you for taking your time and reading!





Confidence is a large part of life. It forms every aspect of every second in your day thus making some people’s lives extremely difficult. Confident issues come in all sizes, both positive and negative.  Despite all this confidence does not control your abilities.

Overcoming confidence issues can be the worst. A recent story that has come around on this topic is one of my most favourite youtubers Gabriella Lindley ~ ~. she Recently posted a video about her operations and how she wasn’t confident with herself. Taking a look at her channel may make you feel tonnes better because I know it makes my day 🙂

I wanted to give you a few tips to make you feel a little more positive and confident in your everyday life. I hope these help! X


  1. Positive mind sets:

If you tell yourself everyday you are worth it. Pick a positive about yourself and say it out loud. Don’t be embarrassed about who is around you because they are probably thinking the same. You ARE and amazing person. You DO have a figure. Yes these are things I say to myself almost every day when I’m just not quite feeling good enough.


  1. Telling friends and family

If you’re having issues you could speak to a friend getting it all off your chest really does help.  They can help you get back on track! Even going for a drink round their house or going on a little walk will make you feel lots better especially if you have great friends who can make you laugh 🙂


  1. Relaxing

Confidence can be lost when you are stressed. I find that I lose my ability to feel positive thus being more negative. Finally ending up sat in my bed eating my heart out… yep not great!

It is important to relax. You could have a bath , listen to some music which makes you feel happy and just remain calm. I also find it relaxing to clean my room during these times because at the end of it you feel happy to have achieved something.


I really hope this post helps, it’s kinda out of my theme but i was feeling a bit of real talk with you guys. I tried to have a little laugh with it all too which is a tip in itself~ smiling more makes everyone happier.

thank you so much for reading ,


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Netflix Favourites

Hey guys,

Are you a netflix fan like me ? Sit down all day watching film after film ; episodes after episodes? However sometimes it gets to a point where you don’t know what to watch any more. All the good films you wanted to watch have been watched and the episodes of series are all over. well hopefully this will help… here are a few of my most recent watches and favourites on netflix.

My little set up ~ nothing special 🙂


American Horror story :

This is a great show but not for you views. As I have only watched the first series I can not tell you what the rest are like but I know that I got addicted to the first series and watched it within 2 days! I mean who wouldn’t with the gorgeous Evan Peters as one of the main characters (Tate). 

Degrassias next class:

despite only having on season ( with more on the way) this was a great teenage based program to watch. I loved it ! Each episode was just the right length and made it quick and easy to watch the whole first season in a few days.


Love Rosie:

This film is just amazing! When you’re looking for a perfect romance to fantasize this is just it. I could watch this film a million times over.

6 Years:

This films is quite basic and the story line is not complex. Despite this and the low review i really enjoyed this film.

Beauty Shop:

Beauty shop is defiantly a pick me up film.  It’s all about equality which is shown though a range of great characters and scenarios.

I hope this gave you a little idea on what to watch next. comment your recommendations many thanks 🙂


The Garden Centre


Welcome back to my blog ; it’s been a week since you last visited ( I hope). If you’re new here please check out my “about me”  page :   to find out a little more on my plans for posting plus a little about me ( obviously)

Feel free to leave a comment below and follow me on my blogging  journey!


Last week Me and My friend Kitty went on a little walk to the garden centre near our house. While getting ready the rain was tinkling from the sky and the clouds covered all blue like a blanket ; It was going to be a bad day. Nevertheless we continued to get ready and were determine to go on our little journey. Luckily , after an hour of getting ready, the rain had stopped and the sun started to shine!

When we arrived at the garden centre we were greeted by some beautiful themed settings which were created out of pretend plants and plastic/ pottery animals In which you could buy to create your own animal filled garden at home.As we walked round there were lots of scenes bursting with colour and creativity.





The first thing we did was go to the restaurant and grab a coke. No alcoholic beverages aloud 😦 ! I feel the drinks were reasonably priced and there was not much difference between a large and a small both in price and size so I defiantly recommend getting a large. Bigger is better ;).

After that we visited the gift shop for the first time out our of 3 visits! The products they supplied were so cute and well made but were quite pricey. Still, I brought a few things that I really loved:

Danielle creations small zipped case , material, rose & spotted pattern.~ gorgeous!

I also  brought a few Yankee candles in the scents Soft Blanket and Pink Grapefruit. Additionally  I brought a candle holder with my name on and the mini quote “CREATIVE, DECISIVE AND HAPPY” which I thought was a perfect description of me. 🙂

Finally we went back to the restaurant and had some cake. There were many to choose from but I went for the angel cake mainly because I loved the crazy icing on it. I mean just look at it. It was gorgeous!




All in all it was a fabulous day and I cant wait to do it again!


xox~ Charlotte

Crazy Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

Chocolate orange Cupcakes!

Hey Guys,

Since I now have two weeks away from school I am able to fit in some baking practice to my schedule! Baking is one of my most favourite hobbies of all time (not that I have many) and I can’t wait to make some delicious cupcakes over the next two weeks.  Do you enjoy baking?

I’ve made lots of cakes in the past and hope to , in the future, be known for the cakes i have baked. This means a lot of practice. It also means that my next ounce of posts will be based around baking as it is also my favourite thing to write about. let me know if you like them :). x

what you will need :


  • 110g / 4oz  of self raising flour
  • 110g / 4oz of caster sugar
  • 110g / 4oz of butter (room temperature / softened)
  • 2 large ish eggs
  • 2 tbsp coco powder ( I used Bournville baking / drinking coco)
  • 1 large orange , zest finely grated


  • 100g / 4 oz of butter , softened
  • 200g / 6 oz of icing sugar.
  • 1 small orange , zest finely grated 
  • 1 Chocolate orange 
  • 1 small bar of white chocolate ( whatever is cheaper)
  • coco powder ( for dusting)



Method :

  1. preheat the oven to 170 °c / gas 5. Then line the 12 -hole cupcake tin with cases.            (I found that you do not fill all the cases as there is not enough mixture but then I like big cupcakes!)
  2. Mix together , using  a hand mixer or kitchen aid (it’s quicker) the sugar and butter. Then add the eggs , coco powder , flour and orange zest. As well as this I added a squeeze or two of orange juicemix for a further 2 minuets ensuring the mixture gains a lot of air. 
  3.  split the mixture between as many cases as you can. Fill each case up one by one encase you run out of mixture. Bake for 10-20 minuets making sure you keep an eye on them so they don’t burn. To see if they are cooked stab them ( gently)  and if the knife or wooden stick thingy comes out of the cake with nothing on it then they are done!

Icing :

  1. Beat up the butter and gradually add in the icing sugar.
  2. when fully mixed add the orange zest and one generous squeeze of orange juice. mix for a further minuet
  3. place in a piping bag and leave to harden in the fridge






Outdoor days 

Hey guys
So I’ve been waiting for days for lovely weather to take photos and I’ve finally got it! Off I went and many photographs were taken and I was so happy with them! I am honestly really proud of them.

I went out with my friend and then this evening with  my friend abbi. She helped me decide what camera i’d like to buy and it was lovely to have photos with her!

I’m also going to share my face… Now this was the one thing I said I wasn’t going to do on here but now I just think why not? I’m really happy with how the photos came out even the ones with me in it!!

It has been such a productive day today! I have been able to go out taking photographs twice , do my homework ,shower and go to work! I think it is important to have fun filled productive days and get the most out of your day!x
Here are my photographs :


Happiness is everything ~ goodnight

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